Blue Tree's piano program encompasses a comprehensive learning platform for both children & adults. We offer private piano lessons to anyone who wants to learn, or sharpen existing skills.

Our piano instructors work both inside and out of a set curriculum, incorporating popular pieces, classical favorites and more. We work with each student and meet them on their level to provide a fun & challenging learning experience. Do you love Mozart and want to learn how to master a classical piece? Or, do you want to learn some Elton John, Coldplay or today's radio hits? Whether you're interested in Beethoven or the Beatles, we are happy to teach you.

Likewise, Blue Tree has a robust early beginner program that takes students through a journey of learning that includes characters, games, rhythm, repetition and sing-alongs. We start lessons as early as age 3!

Although an acoustic piano is recommended, a good keyboard works (88-keys; weighted). Please visit our friends at www.keys44kids.net for an affordable used piano.

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