Sydney Skramstad

Sydney (she/her) grew up listening to her mother teach piano and voice lessons out of her childhood home in Canby, MN. She began playing the piano as soon as she could reach it! Her father is also a self-taught musician and was very influential in her love of composition, playing by ear and with great passion. Besides piano, Sydney also grew up playing flute in band and sang in choir.

Sydney is also an extremely talented visual artist. She got her BFA in Studio Art from University of Minnesota, Morris. When she wasn't painting or drawing, you could certainly find her occupying one of the piano practice rooms on campus, playing classic composers like Debussy or trying to learn songs by ear from composers such as Yann Tiersen.

Since graduation, she has been working as an entrepreneur at a local gallery and frame shop, where she is a professional framer and gallery curator. Her first love of music and the piano has been reintroduced in the form of teaching primary and beginner students at Blue Tree Music.

When Sydney isn't framing or teaching, you can find her self-restoring her historic home in St. Paul with her wife Sarah and two cats.

Sydney teaches MONDAYS-FRIDAYS and has slots available now!

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