Karen McClellan

Karen McClellan (she/her) was born and grew up in St Paul, Minnesota. For a few brief years during childhood she took piano lessons, which taught her to read music. A mediocre but enthusiastic singer, she joined choirs at school and church. After college and seminary, Karen moved to North Dakota. She was a Lutheran pastor for 28 years, which taught her such skills as answering phones professionally, looking organized, and talking with strangers. In 2019 Karen joined the Blue Tree family as an office supervisor, where she can utilize her skills and help keep the school in tip-top shape!

Her claim to fame, and the (real) reason she works at Blue Tree, is that she is Miss Rebecca's stepmom. She happily washes coffee mugs at the school while remembering how excruciatingly often she had to remind Rebecca to wash the dishes at home.

Now retired from ministry, and remarried, she lives back in St Paul in the neighborhood where she grew up, with her husband Brian and their two beautiful felines, Tweedledee & Tweedledum.