Jay Hurley

Jay Hurley (he/him) has always had a melody in his head. A proficient songwriter, Jay has had success fronting numerous bands in his life, including Landing Gear, Hovercraft & Shatterproof, the latter of which was signed to MCA Records. Hurley's musical hooks stick in your brain for days and his guitar chords are meaty and undeniably his own. To this day, Jay continues to write music, as well as helping others learn to do the same.

A "lefty" guitar player (think: Paul McCartney), Jay is a mirror to his students as they are first learning chording and finger placement, which is extremely helpful for beginning guitar. Likewise, his teaching acumen is student-centered and soon after kids begin learning even the most basic of chords, they are able to play some of their favorite songs, much to their delight!

Jay has a special gift with children and enjoys teaching. Who knows - maybe in the future one of Jay's students will also be signed to a major label!

Jay teaches on WEDNESDAYS & THURSDAYS and has slots available now!

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