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Blue Tree Music Education is a music school based in South Minneapolis in the Corcoran Neighborhood. We teach private music lessons, including piano, voice, guitar, bass, cello, viola & violin, as well as offer songwriting classes, early childhood music classes, summer camps, workshops and much more. We are also the home of the Blue Tree Songbirds, a neighborhood children’s choir. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in learning more. We look forward to hearing from you!



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humble roots

Humble Roots

Blue Tree owner & educator Rebecca Smith began teaching piano lessons from her home in South Minneapolis in 2010. Once the neighborhood caught wind of a new piano teacher in the area, word spread and Smith's student base grew rapidly. Soon, there were more students than could be accommodated by Smith in her home; she began to realize that music education was lacking in some of the South Minneapolis schools in the area, and in some cases, was completely nonexistent. "These kids were hungry for interesting, challenging and fun music instruction," Smith explains, "and teachers that they could relate to and lessons that they actually enjoy."

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Blue Tree now has 15 teachers and counting!

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